Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Booking for Old Mill Barn  And special guidance for holidaymakers during the pandemic

Thank you for considering booking Old Mill Barn, and we look forward to welcoming you.  When you make the booking your are entering into a legally binding contract with us and the terms and conditions are set out below.  If any of these worry you, please contact us to discuss.  And of course, contact us if there is anything you do not understand.  Please see additional notes on the Dates and Prices page.


The price of the accommodation includes: electricity, bed linen, cleaning, hot water, night storage heating, 2 bags of logs and towels.  Extra logs can be supplied and are charged at cost, currently £6 per bag.


Please note that the property is furnished and intended for a maximum of 10 people but this number has currently been reduced to 6, and prices adjusted accordingly.  There should never be more than 6 people in the property, including children and babies.  There is a cot provided.  Please ring or e-mail Sue or Bob before coming, though, so we can make sure the cot bedding is provided. If it is found that more than 6 are occupying the property without prior consent, the contract will be ended and everyone will be asked to leave immediately.

3.  PETS:

Up to 2 well-behaved pets are premitted  by prior arrangement at a cost of £20 per booking.  They must never be left unattended in the property or the garden.  They must not be allowed onto the furniture in the property. All dog mess in the garden must be cleared up promptly.  Speak to us if you need poo-bags.

4.  CANCELLATION BY YOU:  The part of this relating to the deposit being non-refundable does not currently apply, although holiday insurance is still recommended.  See Coronavirus Covid-19 exception in red, below.

Once you have booked your holiday, our agreement is binding and your deposit is non-refundable.  If, for whatever reason, you cannot take your holiday and the booking cannot be re-let, you are still liable to pay for the holiday in full, and if the balance has not been paid, we are entitled to ask you for it.  However, if we are able to re-let the Barn for the dates concerned, you are no longer liable for the balance, or we will refund it to you if it has been paid, less an admin. fee of £50.  Please note that the deposit is not refundable in any circumstances.  For this reason we strongly recommend that you consider buying suitable cancellation insurance.

Coronavirus Covid-19 2020 Exception to clause 4 of normal terms and conditions, above

During the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, all bookings accepted by us for 2021 will be treated as Provisional bookings and can be cancelled at our absolute discretion, or moved to another date if you, the person booking the holiday, would prefer.  In the event of cancellation by us under this clause, all monies paid by you will be refunded.

It is a condition of booking that no-one arrives at Old Mill Barn knowing or suspecting that they may be suffering from Coronavirus Covid-19.  If the virus is contracted whilst you are staying you must follow government regulations current at the time. 

Please see further guidance below which applies whilst staying at Old Mill Barn during the pandemic and based upon Government guidance and regulations.  This may vary at different times, but guests will be updated as to current guidelines at time of booking and up until the holiday takes place.


We will only cancel your holiday if your accommodation becomes unavailable for reasons beyond our control.  We will attempt to offer you alternative dates.  However, if this is not possible, or unacceptable to you, then we will refund all monies paid by you for the holiday.  Our liability will not extend beyond this refund.


Your accommodation will be available to you from 4pm on the day of arrival, unless otherwise arranged. Please try to not arrive earlier - we will be busy preparing your accommodation and won't be able to properly welcome you.  Please contact us the week before arrival to make arrangements for collection of the key.


Please be ready to leave the property by 10 am on the day of departure, unless otherwise arranged.  Please leave the premises clean and tidy.


Please take care in our property.  You are responsible and liable for any breakages or damage which occurs to the accommodation and its contents whilst you are there.  Please let us know of any damage or breakages immediately.  We do not normally charge for minor breakages, but we may send you an invoice for repair or making good if the damage or breakage is significant.  A security deposit of £100 may be payable with the final balance, (at our discrection) and this sum may be retained in part or whole to pay for any additional cleaning or damage or breach of condition.  Otherwise, the deposit will be returned within one week.


We do not accept any liability for any damage, loss or injury to any member of your party or any vehicles or possessions unless proven to be caused by negligent act by ourselves, our employees or contractors whilst acting in the course of employment.

10:  DATA:

Any data collected during the course of this booking may be kept on computer but will not be released to any other party or used by us except in connection with the current booking.


We look forward to welcoming you to Old Mill Barn


Additional guidance whilst staying at Old Mill Barn during the pandemic, current at end of October 2020:


To ensure the safety of all guests whilst Covid-19 is still active in the country, as well as that of the owner and cleaners of Old Mill Barn, guests are asked to follow the new Guidelines below:


  1. Only 2 households can presently stay together in any holiday cottage.  This can include any person who has formed a “bubble” with one of those households.
  2. I will not arrange to meet anyone as they arrive for the time being.  The downstairs door of the Barn will be unlocked so that you can just go in and make yourselves at home.  There are 2 keys on the dresser for your use and there is also a key safe next to the door, for which the code is 1952.  (Slide down the black cover, turn the dials to read 1952 then press down the silver lever to open the flap and show the key.  Return the key immediately.)
  3. If anyone who is planning to come to stay is showing any of the signs of having Covid-19, or have any other reason to suspect they may have it e.g. they have recently met someone who later was tested positive, they must not arrive at Old Mill Barn until they have been tested and the result is negative.  If this happens, and as a result it is not possible for anyone to come, a full refund will be offered or another date.
  4. If any guests fall ill with Covid-19 symptoms whilst they are here, all of the guests must stay indoors, self-isolate and arrange for a test giving the address of Old Mill Barn (Gamblesby, Penrith, CA10 1HY).  They should inform me, the owner, straight away. 
  5. If the test or tests are positive, everyone should return home immediately and by the most direct route, and isolate there.  If anyone is so unwell that they cannot travel, they must continue to self-isolate and ring 111 for further advice.  If this necessitates a longer stay at Old Mill Barn, an additional charge of £50 per day will become payable.  You must leave as soon as you are well enough to do so and complete your period of isolation at home. Further advice and information will be displayed at Old Mill Barn.
  6. If more than one household is staying, all possible steps should be taken to minimise the risk of passing any potential virus to the other household.  This will include all the normal rules of social distancing, but in addition you should:Even if there is only one household staying, please try to keep all surfaces clean and the property ventilated as this will keep the level of any potential virus within the property at low levels.
    1. Wash or sanitise your hands more frequently (sanitising soap and gel will be provided)
    2. Do not share utensils or crockery etc
    3. Keep the property well ventilated
    4. Each household should elect to use only one of the bathroom or shower-room.
    5. Regularly clean all surfaces you come into contact with
  7. Even if you are all from one household, please continue to take every care 
  8. Ensure all kitchen utensils, plans, crockery and cutlery are properly washed with detergent and warm water after each use (i.e. do not “just rinse under the tap”)
  9. Guests are kindly requested to strip the pillowcases, duvet covers, and fitted sheet before they leave and place this bedding from each separate room into the cotton bag provided.  This will massively reduce one of the main sources of virus spread for the cleaner who will come in later.  Please leave pillow protectors and mattress protectors in place.  These will be steam cleaned, together will all other soft furnishings.
  10. Please leave some of the windows partially open when you leave to keep air flowing through the property.  Leave the door unlocked.
  11. Owners and cleaners are discouraged in government guidelines from sorting out recycling (as I normally do), so I ask guest to carefully sort out those waste items which are suitable for recycling, and ensure they are clean and do not contain parts which cannot be recycled, such as plastic attached to paper or card, or food stuck to tins or card.  If guests feel unable to do this, please place all waste in the general rubbish.  We have recycling bins for clean card/paper, and clean glass/tins/cans in the downstairs hall.  Tetra packs are not recyclable in this area, nor is tinfoil.  Please put these in the rubbish.
  12. I am sorry that all the above may seem a bit onerous, but it is a government condition of opening up properties for letting that care is taken not to transmit the virus to each other, or to anyone else.